This is a practical diagnostic aid for cattle diseases which can be used on the farm

You indicate symptoms, and it will give you back knowledgeable possibilities as it supports you on your clinical explorations, leading to the most accurate diagnosis:

  • It will calculate the best diagnostic score
  • Make comparisons for suspicions
  • Make a differential diagnosis

A professional tool. Reserved for Veterinarians

For veterinarians only: Vetaid in 3 minutes of images

Once the video is launched, you can view it on a large screen by clicking on the icon at the bottom right.

With Vetaid, you will never be alone again

In a rural practice, you deal with modern cattle farmers who are well organised and demanding, with high expectations.
With Vetaid in your pocket you have a reassuring companion to answer questions, make suggestions on how to go deeper in to searches, and make differential diagnoses.

This is a multifunctional companion

Added to its routine information and diagnostic aid functions, Vetaid:

  • Records and transmits cases
  • Makes it easy to exchange information securely
  • Makes available to you a whole network of experts
  • Ensures you do not forget emerging diseases
  • Is a tool for vet school and field training
  • Makes a valuable link between juniors and seniors at the clinic

A modern reassuring support for bovine practice

Numbers currently available:

diagnostic formulae that open up for
+ de 0
diseases or clinical entities
files/memos on how to act in each case
way aid to diagnosis

A powerful constantly, updated engine for you

  • Works with you and partner SNGTV we ensure constant evolution
  • And an essential European objective

Pr François Schelcher
E.N.V.Toulouse, France

Pr Sébastien Assié
ONIRIS-Nantes, France

Pr Raphaël Guatteo
ONIRIS-Nantes, France

Pr Yves Millemann
E.N.V. Maisons-Alfort, France

Pr Philippe Berny
Vetagro Sup-Lyon

Dr Eric Collin

Dr Jean-Marie Nicol

Dr Gérard Argenté

A working group of experts

Nothing can replace clinical experience; a team of experienced teachers and practitioners shared their experiences and combined their efforts to build this tool.

The system is based on hypothetical deductive logic and practical experience accrued by Dr Gerard Argenté, the architect of the system, over many years,
The team from the veterinary schools of Liege (Belgium) and Vetagro-sup in Lyon collaborated in its realisation.

Introductory offer

  • Offer of discovery for a month for just €1; then only €9 per month.
  • Monthly use. No binding contracts, simple withdrawal
  • Automatic renewal

Special group schemes possible, with a communication tool.
NB. Free use for all students of participating veterinary schools.

Great offer Now!
monthly half price
Introductory offer a month for just €1; then only €9 per month.
Special offers available for 2-3 linked subscribers 8€
Special offers available for 4-6 linked subscribers 7€
Special offers available for 7-9 linked subscribers 6€
Special offers available for 10-15 linked subscribers 5€
For groups over 15 contact us for bespoke arrangements.


1. Your Identity

It is restricted to qualified veterinarians,
and students registered by their professor.

2. Subscription

Use of the system isrestricted to subscribers.

Good news: The first month of your subscription is on offer free !

3. Download

On your smart phone from the
App Store or Google Play.
You can use it off line with immediate effect.