General conditions of use and sale

Please read these general instructions on how to use the Vetaid app. It has been designed and created as an aid diagnostic training and to supply information on animal health.


The general conditions as laid out are to define the terms and conditions for the provision of Vetaid application and the terms and conditions for its use by its users.

Access to and use of the Vetaid application implies and requires acceptance and compliance with these general conditions by the user, who thereby acknowledges full understanding of them. Acceptance is effected by ticking the box which precedes mention of “I acknowledge having read and accepted the general conditions of use of the services. “.
In this case, ticking the appropriate box is deemed to carry the same weight and value as a handwritten signature. The user who does not intend to comply in whole or in part with the general conditions must cede use of the Vetaid application and its services.

The director of the site, reserves the right to update, modify or supplement these general conditions and the attached documents.

1-Restrictions on use: Use of the Vetaid application and its data is limited to veterinarians and veterinary students who have graduated or are about to be; its use on a phone or tablet is only possible after prior registration on the site :

  • the selection of device must be made before or during registration on
  • The reference for accepting a registration request is provided by the file and the SAS-system set up and kept up to date by the National Order of Veterinarians for France, as defined in the agreement signed with the CNOV.
  • Similar systems for validation of veterinary status will pertain for foreign veterinarians.

The use of the Vetaid application and its data is restricted to the exclusive personal use of the said data by the registered veterinarian for his own needs; use is restricted to the practice of veterinary medicine by that registered veterinarian.

  • Nature of the services: The services offered by the site include the provision through the Vetaid application of a diagnostic aid, training and information on health issues of bovine animals. The Vetaid application is intended exclusively for student and qualified veterinarians.

This application provides information on clinical bovine diseases, but also information likely to help a veterinarian who has previously examined a bovine animal which has presented as being ill; these clinical suspicions are accompanied by information such as:

  • diseases that he may suspect, given the information entered into the system,
  • The calculation of a concordance score between the patient and the disease in its typical form
  • Apparent inconsistencies between his patient as he described it and the suspected illnesses,
  • An approach to differential diagnosis as practised by veterinarians
  • Possibilities to compare the suspected disease or diseases accorded to the patient by at least one important symptom.
  • A description of suspected diseases and general information on the risks of contagion to humans, the rest of the herd or neighboring herds, at economic risk, the means of action to control the disease.

All of this information does not constitute a diagnosis. A diagnosis is in fact the synthesis of this information, and that which the user may have access to elsewhere. Diagnosis is an additional step that is not performed by the site but can be performed by the veterinarian.

These services are subject to these general conditions.


3.1 User obligations

Access to the Vetaid application, subject to compliance with these general conditions, gives the user a strictly personal right to use the Vetaid application.

The user agrees not to rent, lend or make available, even free of charge, for any reason whatsoever, the service of the Vetaid application.

The user undertakes to comply with all the laws, regulations and standards in force relating in particular to the prescription and use of drugs and to comply with the rules governing animal protection, care and acts ensuring good management of breeding.

The user agrees not to violate or attempt to violate the computer security of the information systems of Vetaid or of its possible service providers.

The user refrains from any hindrance to the application’s operation and any fraudulent use of it which would prevent or limit in any way whatsoever the access of third parties to the service or its use under penalty of being refused access to the services, without notice, or prejudice of possible prosecutions.

The user is also prohibited from appropriating the database and calculation algorithms which are the exclusive property of SARL Vetfarm, any copying being strictly prohibited.

The user undertakes to inform the director of the Vetaid application, as soon as possible, of any malfunction by means of the contact form available to him on the website, or by e-mail to the following address: contact [@]

Obligations of the application manager

The application manager strives to disseminate and implement by the means at his disposal to ensure the permanence, continuity and quality of the service he offers.

The application manager agrees to intervene within a reasonable time in the event of a breakdown or anomaly preventing access to the service in order to restore said access or, failing that, to inform users of the situation.

The application manager reserves the right to interrupt, suspend or modify, without notice, access to all or part of the service in order to ensure the proper maintenance, corrections and appropriate evolutions of the application or for any other reason without compensation and without liability being incurred as a result.


The Vetaid app is a cattle health calculator and consultation tool intended to help professionally, a student vet or a veterinarian.

The Vetaid application strives to disseminate reliable and up-to-date information.

The information made available to the user is only indicative. As the system makes it possible to describe multitudinous specific cases of sick cattle, the author cannot of course be held responsible for the inadequacy of the information provided to one or more specific cases. The Vetaid Application Manager is responsible for reviewing cases brought to his attention as possible errors, oversights, and necessary updates.

The use of the information and services offered by the Vetaid application is carried out as the sole responsibility of the user. If a user wants to learn about the particular state of health of a bovine, it is up to him to examine it and collect his observations himself.

In any case, the application manager and / or the author are not responsible for the entry of data or the use of information made by the user which are under the latter’s sole responsibility.

It is again emphasised and reiterated that Vetaid is a calculation tool that informs the user about the health of a bovine, offering clinical suspicions, but does not perform a diagnosis. It is up to the veterinarian to make his own diagnosis. The services offered by the Vetaid application cannot replace the clinical examination by a veterinarian, the only one authorised to make a diagnosis and issue a prescription, in accordance with the veterinary code of ethics.

The services offered by the Vetaid application are intended to help the user veterinarian in his diagnosis and to inform him of the possible risks associated with a clinical suspicion:

  • Risk of disease transmission to humans, to consumers of food from the herd or the patient
  • Risk of contagion to other cattle in the herd or to neighboring cattle
  • Risk of worsening of the patient’s health or of mortality
  • Economic risk for livestock’s owner

The services offered by the Vetaid application are not intended to replace the intervention of a veterinarian or to perform a medical procedure; these services are only a diagnostic aid for sick cattle and a source of information on diseases that may affect cattle.

The application director and / or the author cannot be held responsible for any use of data outside the control of the user veterinarian.

The application director and / or the author cannot in any respect be held responsible for any damage that might directly or indirectly affect the animal (s) as a result of the use of the information available on the Vetaid application.

The Director of the application cannot assume responsibility for direct or indirect damage resulting from access to the site, use of the application including damage, loss of data or viruses that could affect the equipment, computer or any other asset, or interpretation or inability to use information directly or indirectly from the site and the Vetaid application.

The user must always take responsibility for the correct and discerning use and understanding of the information made available to him on the site and the Vetaid application. It is up to each user to check the extent of the problem of the animal (s) for which he/she is tending.

Access to the Vetaid application service and subscription procedure

To access the service, the user must have internet access on their smartphone or tablet.

The costs relating to access to the service, whether they are the costs of hardware, software or Internet access, are exclusively the responsibility of the user, who is solely responsible for the operation of his computer equipment as well as for its internet access.

The use of the application is reserved for veterinarians and certified veterinary students who subscribe after identification by means of a username and password.

Access to these sections requires, in addition to paying for a subscription, prior registration of the user’s identity, postal and telephone contact details, and a valid email address submitted on the form available online.

After checking the validity of the information provided by the user, and receipt of payment for the subscription, confirmation of the effective date of his order will be sent to the subscriber. Vetaid management reserves the right to refuse an irregular or incomplete subscription request.

The application manager reserves the right, without compensation, to refuse or terminate access to the service, temporarily or permanently, to terminate this contract in the event of non-compliance with these conditions of use, subject to prior notification, within 24 hours, to the email address provided by the user.

Any amount paid by the user will be acquired as a penalty clause.

The user agrees to update his personal information with each modification thereof, so as to allow Vetaid to always have a valid e-mail address for the user.

The application manager cannot be held responsible for any malfunction of the network or servers or any equipment beyond reasonable control which would render the site temporarily unavailable.

The management cannot be held liable for the time the service has been interrupted; the subscription may no longer be subject to a reduction in the event of temporary unavailability of the site beyond reasonable control of the publisher.

Intellectual property

Texts, databases and illustrations may not be reproduced, distributed or modified, in any form whatsoever, without the express, prior and written authorisation of the publishers or their authors.

The texts, databases and illustrations remain the exclusive property of the rights holders.

The downloading of data and documents is strictly limited to personal and non-commercial use by the user.

Vetaid is a trademark registered by Mr. Gérard ARGENTE (INPI n ° 3702570).

The unauthorised reproduction of trademarks, logos and distinctive signs constitutes an offence of counterfeiting. The offender exposes himself to incurring civil and criminal penalties, in particular the penalties provided for in Articles L 343-1 et seq. Of the Intellectual Property Code.

The application manager reserves the right to modify all or part of the user content without the possibility for the user to make any claim in this regard.


The subscription is taken out for an initial period of one month from the confirmation taking effect. A free subscription period may be offered to the user. At the end of this free subscription period or any other initial period, the subscription is renewed by tacit agreement, from quarter to quarter, for a new period of three months unless written notice by registered mail with AR, one month at least before maturity.


Pricing conditions

The price is indicated in euro. The price invoiced to the customer is that which is in effect at the time the order is placed or the subscription is renewed. The pricing conditions may be subject to revision at the latest when the subscription is renewed. The prices in force are those indicated on the website


All orders are final. Subscriptions are payable upon registration, an invoice will be sent by email. Payments can be made by direct debit or by debit/credit card.

In the absence of payment, within fifteen days of sending a formal notice by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, the contract will be automatically terminated without prejudice to any legal proceedings.

Personal data

Users are informed that when they visit the site, a cookie may be automatically installed on their browser software.

This cookie is only intended to record internet browsing information.

The user can deactivate this cookie through the settings specific to his browser software.

The information collected is reserved for the use of the service concerned. The person responsible for the publication undertakes not to make any commercial use or any transfer of data to third parties without first informing the user by means of a box to be unchecked following the registration form.

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 data processing and freedom of January 6, 1978, modified by the law n ° 2004-801 of August 6, 2004, the user has a right of access, opposition and rectification of the personal information concerning him that he can exercise by contacting:

  • the site, using the contact form made available to them,
  • by email to: contact [@]

The website has been affiliated to the CNIL under the registration number : ______________


All research carried out by the user on the services is kept confidential and may only be used for the purpose of improving them without disclosure to third parties.

Hypertext links

The application manager is not responsible for external websites with a link to the website . The content, advertising, products and services offered by the websites are neither verified nor approved by the director of the publication.

The application manager also assumes no responsibility for hyperlinks to websites published and / or managed by third parties whose content, products, advertising, are not operated or controlled by the application manager.

Any link to these hypertext links is made under the full responsibility of the user.

August 13, 2020